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About the Rational Commerce Company

The Rational Commerce Company has been in business since the year 1998. From its beginning, we have developed and operated ecommerce websites. The first company website, 125West.com, is an online retailer of specialty home and outdoor products. In 15 years, 125West by itself has generated over $20 million in consumer sales. Today, while we still own and operate ecommerce websites, we also offer our broad experience and special expertise in ecommerce consulting to other small businesses such as yours. The Rational Commerce Company is headquartered in Annapolis, Maryland.

ecommerce expert thomas finch

Thomas Finch

Founder and President

Tom has over 35 years international experience, including 20 years of online sales and marketing. There is likely not a single job in ecommerce operations that he has not performed. Tom has MBA and BBA degrees from the College of William and Mary.

ben harris ecommerce it expert

Benjamin Harris

Vice President IT

Ben has been a part of RCC operations since the beginning. His extensive ecommerce consulting experience covers all area of information technology, including web server and network administration. Ben has MBA and BBA degrees from California Coast University and an Associates in Technology Management from Pensacola State College in Florida. Ben is also a U.S. Coast Guard Licensed Master Captain.

libby hinson ecommerce account and quickbooks expert

Elizabeth Hinson

Accounting Specialist

In her 15 years with RCC, Libby has accumulated vast experience setting up and deploying ecommerce accounting platforms. She is a QuickBooks accounting software expert.